Chapter 6 - Latin Lovers

Latin lovers

Language level: pre-intermediate

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I am very sad today. Yesterday my Concettina ended our love story.?
She asked to meet me at our favourite restaurant, to tell me the bad news.?“But why?” I asked.? “John, you are like a brother to me,” she said. “But you hate your brother!” I said.?“Exactly!” said Conci.? She said I was immature. Well, I immediately called my Mommy to tell her how offensive I found this.? After this terrible news I needed an intelligent, sensitive friend to talk to, but I haven’t got one, so I talked to Dave.

Sound advice

“It was inevitable,” said Dave, “these Italian women have experience with Italian men. They’re passionate Latin lovers, you can’t compete with them, John.
”?Of course! Dave was right! I needed to learn how to be a Latin lover and find a new girl, so I called Marco.? That night Marco took me to a disco for our first lesson in love.? “You see, you have to wait for the right moment,” he said, “you have to understand their body language: conquering a woman is an art, an art we Italians invented!”


I was very excited about this and watched – with total admiration – as Marco chose his victim: ?“See that girl at the bar, the one with the long, red hair?” he said. ”Look at the way she is drinking her cocktail, look at the way she observes her hands. She is waiting, she is ready for a man. John my friend, she is my new girlfriend, but she doesn’t know it yet.”?
“Wow, Marco!” I shouted. Marco smiled and made his move.? I watched him with intense interest. He went to the girl, talked a little, then came back. ?“She’s a lesbian,” he said. ?“How unfortunate!” I thought.?
After two more Martinis, he tried again, this time with a tall lady with blonde hair. ?I saw him talk again, smile a lot, talk more, then come back.? “What is this? A gay bar?” he shouted.?
I started to understand that not ALL Italian men had the power of the Latin lover, but then, in the corner of the disco, I saw two girls embracing a very fortunate man. They were laughing, they were happy, totally seduced by the gentleman... and you will not believe this, but the two girls were the two “lesbians” Marco had tried to conquer! ?“Now, this is a Latin lover!” I thought and went closer to learn from this maestro.


I couldn’t see his face because the two girls were busy kissing it, but I imagined that he looked like Antonio Banderas on his best night.
Finally, the blonde beauty moved away to get her drink and I saw him.?“Hello, John,” the Adonis said. ?“Dave?”? “You know Dave?” the girls asked and started to laugh – and love me!?
After a few more drinks we had a wonderful conversation. ?At the end of the night the girls asked us if they could come back to our apartment.
Dave quickly told them that it was a great idea and so they went to get their coats. While we were waiting for them I asked Dave to explain the secret of his success:? “John, it’s not a question of being Italian or English, it’s a question of being a gentleman who knows how to listen to a woman, how to respect her and how to make her feel important!”? I thought about this for a moment:? “You told them you were a millionaire, didn’t you, Dave?” I said.?“Yes,” said Dave. “Now, finish your drink, we’re leaving!”


you hate - tu detesti
sensitive - sensibile
chose his victim - sceglieva la vittima
how unfortunate! - che peccato!
coats - cappotti

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